CS 341
User Interfaces

Week Lecture Topic Readings Assignment
Jan 21 Introduction X Window System Warm-up: Processing Animation Due 01/24 Xlib Game
Jan 27 Event Loop Overview Drawing: 2D Shapes Topic 2 Course Notes Xlib Milesone: Drawing A 'Bottle' Due 01/30
Feb 3 Two Types of Event Loops Blocking vs. Non-blocking Topic 3 Course Notes Xlib Milesone: Crate Due 02/07
Feb 10 Animation Research Talk Topic 1 Course Notes Xlib Game Due 02/14
Feb 17 Smooth Animation: Timing Composition Presentation Picture ThisMolly Bang Bad Interfaces Due 02/28
Feb 24 User Centered Design Design by Scenarios Java2D/Swing RenderingJava Readings Java Homework Due 03/07
Mar 3 Swing Rendering Java2D Threads Java Animation Java Readings
Mar 10 Transformations in Processing Final Project Presentations TransformationsProcessing Readings Direct Manipulation: Digger Interface Due 04/07
Mar 17 Spring Break ------------ --
Mar 24 Direct Manipulation Homogeneous Coordinates Affine Transforms 2D Transforms in Java
March 31 Hierarchical Modeling Picking in hierarchical example Hierarchical Modeling in Java
April 7 Digger Interface Due 04/07 Final Project Poster: Objectives
April 14 April 17: Exam
April 21
April 28 Last day of class Final Project Presentation