CS 349 Spring 2014
Due Friday, January 24th

Using the Processing language/environment extend the provided program.

Run the provided program: copy and paste in a processing sketch called flower.

The program produces the following image.

1. After reading the provided code, modify the code to creates an output similar to this image. Among other things you have to update the variable declarations:

(The image has transparency: an alpha is used for the yellow.)

2. Extend the program using additional variables to create the stem and leaves of the flower as shown below.

3. Change the initial value of imgWidth and run your program.
How does the flower look?

4. Animate the petals to turn around the flower.
You have to change from the immediate mode used in the provided code to include the setup() and draw() functions. In the Help menu of Processing select Reference so as to read the documentation for these functions.