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Summer research 2011

7 students spent time on campus doing research this summer: Avi Das '12, Ahmad Emad '13, Mstislav Fedorchuk '13, Alan Keith '12, Marvin Ma '12, Roberto Segebre '12, and M. Paul Weeks '12.

Projects that students were involved in:

Ahmad Emad '13 and Mstislav Fedorchuk '13
Marvin Ma '12 and M. Paul Weeks '12

"Expanding the Functionality of Internet Routers"
These students are contributing to a long-term project that has the goal of developing a simple, general, flexible, and secure method for high-level programming of network routers. The students are constructing a testbed for experiments to be performed with a prototype system, and evaluating existing hardware/software platforms for extending the current prototype to support high-speed links.

Faculty Sponsor: Joel Sommers

Avi Das '12 and Roberto Segebre '12

"Developing a Passive Measurement System for GENI" (Global Environment for Network Innovations)
Avi and Roberto are stress and performance testing a system to collect passive network measurements on the GENI testbed. In addition, they are extending existing metadata support, refining system tests, and getting the system ready for deployment in GENI.

Faculty Sponsor: Joel Sommers

Alan Keith '12

"Dynamic BGP Partition Healing"
The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is used to establish connectivity among the autonomous systems (ASes), or networks, that compose the Internet. As a path-vector protocol, BGP implements checks that prevent paths with loops at the AS level. This prevents forwarding loops and data loss; however, if a failure in an AS results in two network components with the same AS number, BGP will preclude paths that connect these two components, even if that path does not contain a loop at the router level. Thus, an AS partition can limit reachability in BGP even though the network could provide it. We will examine various configuration solutions that maintain policy expressiveness while providing the capability to dynamically, i.e., without operator intervention, heal such AS partitions in BGP.

Faculty Sponsor: Vijay Ramachandran

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