Students Recognized at Awards Convocation

May 5, 2023

Seven students in the class of 2023 were recognized with academic awards in computer science.

The Award for Academic Excellence In Computer Science was presented to Maximilian Spieler and Xinai (Nikki) Zhang on the basis of outstanding academic performance in course work taken within the department.

The Laura Sanchis Award for Excellence in Research was presented to Jyotirmay Chauhan and Dong Wang on on the basis of outstanding research performed within the department.

The Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Computer Science Community was presented to Emma Goodman and Josiah Paintsil based on their outstanding contributions to the students and faculty in computer science.

The Edward P. Felt ‘81 Memorial Prize Fund in Computer Science–which was established in 2001 by family, friends, classmates, and professors in memory of Ed Felt ’81, who died aboard the September 11, 2001 flight that went down in Western Pennsylvania–was presented to Sara Alam and Xinai (Nikki) Zhang for exhibiting excellence in the field of computer science.

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