CS 322 Fall 2013
Project 4
OSP2: Tasks
Due Friday, November 22th at 10:00 P.M.

Please submit a directory named with your two first names by the deadline on royal
It must contain your TaskCB.java and a readme with

You may work in groups of two. Collaboration within a group is, of course, unrestricted. You may discuss the program with members of other groups, but what you turn in must be your own group's work.

It is a violation to the Honor Code not to acknowledge others' work fully and openly.
You should cite any online resources you consulted to help you solve this project.
You may NOT directly copy any code or any text from anywhere.


The project files are in the Task directory on royal
You should follow the instructions contained in the readme file If you are using Eclipse:
  1. create a src folder in your Task project,
  2. create a package whose name is osp.Tasks inside the src folder,
  3. place the TaskCB.java template inside that package and
  4. configure the build path (Configure Build Path...) so that OSP.jar (the External JAR) is added as one of the Libraries
This setup is needed as the simulator classes expect a TaskCB object of type osp.Tasks.TaskCB.

Fourth Hour

Read Chapters 1 and 2 of the OSP2 manual to prepare yourself for the fourth hour.

Reply to the questions posted on Moodle so as:to familiarize yourself with the basics of the OSP2 simulator.


Implement the Tasks module according to the details provided in the OSP2 manual Chapter 3.

The tasks project is about handling tasks, aka processes. The only class to implement is TaskCB, the class representing a task.
The code handles creation and destruction of a task.

Check the log files provided in the log folder contained in the proj4 folder you copied from royal.
There are examples of log files generated as the program is developed incrementally.