CS 322 Fall 2013
Lab 2
Unix and OS Processes
Due Wednesday, September 18.

Please type up your answers in a simple text editor such as Emacs or vi and submit it by the deadline on Moodle.

The goal of this lab is to explore some of the Unix-like commands available on Mac OSX. By running commands on the terminal it is possible to investigate the CPU usage, the processes running or the virtual memory used by a specific process.


While doing this lab you should use as much as possible Unix commands, such as:

 				ls    cd      cp      mv     rm     mkdir   pwd
				man   chmod   cat     more   grep   head    tail
				ln    find    rmdir   wc     diff   tar     touch
First answer the following about the commands listed above.
  1. Which do you commonly use?
  2. Which ones have you never used?
  3. Select four commands that you are least familiar with. For each


You should have at least a few applications running. You might be interested in investigating what happens when you get too many applications running.

For each command below, I would like you to read the man page and do the tasks described. In the plain text document you submit

Investigate the following five commands. Bonus

Find a command of your choice that relates to OS, such as one that provides information about the state of the OS, allows you to give commands to the OS, lists signals available. Describe the command and report on a task you did to experiment with the command.