CS 100
Assignment 2
Composition II

Due Monday March 10th, at 10:00 P.M.
*** Bring your PLAN to the lab on March 3rd. ***

Using the Processing language/environment develop a program that creates a composition containing repeated elements.

You are encouraged to model your composition on an abstract painting, a poster, or a photograph. Simplify it, but not too much. If so, cite the work of art or image that inspired you at the back of your physical plan and in your source code header as a comment.

Plan and design your composition on paper: submit this plan during the lab on March 3rd. Your plan need not have the patterns completely drawn. The plan should indicate

Your Processing program translates this plan to code.


Your program obey the following constraints. For extra credit use trigonometric functions sin or cos or transformation functions such as translate, rotate or scale.

A random composition is not acceptable, the image created by your code

20% of the evaluation is based on the quality and control of the composition created by your code.


Create a zip file

You should replace username with yours (mine is efourque).

Upload the zip file on Moodle using the Assignment 2 link and in the comment box you should respond to the following three questions.

  1. Are all the requirements completed? If no, list the missing ones.
  2. Did you do extra feature(s)? If yes, give short description(s).
  3. Are you giving me the permission to post your png picture on the course gallery?
    If yes, how do you want your name and the picture title to appear.
    (Blanks --anonymous/untitled-- are possible choices.)