FMCS 2015
Foundational Methods in Computer Science
June 4 - 7, 2015  


Thursday June 4
Parker Apartment Commons - see campus map under Parker Apartments

Registration and housing key pickup: 15:00 - 19:30 EDT. After 19:30 keys can be picked up at campus safety, also located on the campus map.

Participants staying on campus will stay in the Newell Apartments which can be found on the campus map. Housing check in, Thursday reception, and breakfast each morning will take place in the Parker Apartment Commons located a one minute walk to the east of the Newell Apartments.
Reception 17:00 - 19:30

Friday June 5
07:45-08:45     Breakfast in Parker Apartment Commons

Research Tutorials - McGregory 315

Session 1
09:00-10:30         Ernie Manes: Distributive Laws, van der Waerden's Theorem, Black Holes and Generalized Compact Metric Spaces Talk
10:30-11:00         Break (refreshments) Computer Science Lobby, 3rd floor McGregory

Session 2
11:00-11:45         Bob Rosebrugh: Databases I Talk
11:45-12:30         Pieter Hofstra: Isotropy I     

12:30-14:30         Lunch break (on your own)

Session 3
14:30-15:15        Bob Rosebrugh: Databases II
15:15-16:00        Johnathan Funk:    Isotropy II

16:00-16:30         Break (refreshments) Computer Science Lobby

Session 4
16:30-18:00         Rick Blute: Introduction to Differential and Kahler categories

Saturday June 6
07:45-08:45         Breakfast in Parker Apartment Commons

Research Sessions - McGregory 315

Session 5         
09:00-10:00        Steve Awodey: Cubical homotopy type theory
10:00-10:45        Geoff Crutwell: Bundles, pullbacks, and fibrations for tangent categories Talk

10:45-11:15        Break (refreshments) Computer Science Lobby

Session 6
11:15-12:15        David Spivak: Operads for computer-aided design Talk
12:15-13:00        Joaquin Diaz Boils: Multiple Categories of Cubical Type Talk

13:00-14:15        Lunch and break (on your own)

Session 7
14:15-15:15        Tarmo Uustalu: Stateful runners for effectful computations Talk
15:15-16:00        Darien DeWolf: Inverse restriction categories and their groupoids Talk

16:00-16:30        Break (refreshments) Computer Science Lobby

Session 8
16:30-17:15        Ryan Wisnesky: FQL: A Functorial Query Language   
17:15-18:00        Patrick Schultz: A double category of database schemas, instances, and queries

19:00                  Conference Dinner at Royal India Grill

Sunday June 7
07:45-08:45        Breakfast in Parker Apartment Commons

Research Sessions - McGregory 315

Session 9
09:00-10:00        Robin Cockett: Monoidal Turing Categories"
10:00-10:45        Jérôme Fortier: Computing with Circular Proofs Talk

10:45-11:00        Break (refreshments) Computer Science Lobby

Session 10
11:00-11:45        Alanod Sibih: A new orbifold atlas definition Talk
11:45-12:30        Jonathan Gallagher: Storage Monoidal Turing Categories Talk      

12:30                  End of Meeting - A box lunch to go will be provided.