COSC 101: Intro to Computing I - Spring 2014

Textbook: below are links to the COSC 101 textbook "Solving Problems with Python". The text is a modification of the open-source text "How to think like a computer scientist" by Allen Downey. We've modified it to fit this course better and it's available for free in electronic form. We'll post a link to the book source in the future.

E-book (epub)
This e-book version (.epub) works well on Android and iOS devices (iPhones, iPads) and the free and open-source ebook reader Calibre.
E-book (mobi)
An e-book version that works well on Kindle readers (.mobi).
HTML (web pages)
The web version is Javascript enhanced and requires a modern standards-compliant browser. (It has been tested on Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Your mileage may vary with older versions (pre-9) of IE, since it is generally not very standards-compliant.)
A simple PDF rendering is also available for use. Works nicely with Acrobat Reader and other PDF reader programs.