Computer Science 101 Intro to Computing I
Spring 2015


Below are the descriptions and provided files for each homework assignment.

Submission Instructions

# Due date Homework File to download Files to submit
11 Apr 30 search engine: pdf
10 Apr 15 cryptanalysis: pdf contains plain1.txt
plain2.txt plain3.txt
cipher1.txt cipher2.txt
mystery1.txt mystery2.txt
9 Apr 08 cryptography: pdf contains
plain1.txt plain2.txt
plain3.txt alice.txt
8 Apr 01 hangperson: pdf
7 Mar 11 collage: pdf contains collage.png any .png files used in collage
images.pdf crayons.png
6 Mar 04 functions: pdf contains
5 Feb 25 images, part one pdf contains
images.pdf crayons_small.png
leaves.png stop_sign.png
4 Feb 18 retro font and email checker: pdf contains
3 Feb 11 text art: pdf contains
2 Feb 04 first python programs: pdf contains
turtle reference sheet: pdf
1 Jan 28 picobot: html pdf contains hw1.txt