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Recent news

  • Jan. 2017 - The semester has started! It’s all about data this semester… teaching “Data Science” and “In Data We Trust?”
  • Dec. 2016 - Our paper titled “Differentially Private Rank Aggregation” was accepted to SDM 2017!
  • Sep. 2016 - Our paper titled “Pythia: Data Dependent Differentially Private Algorithm Selection” was accepted to SIGMOD 2017!
  • Aug. 2016 - is now public: explore privacy algorithms and their performance.
  • Aug. 2016 - I am back at Colgate, looking forward to fall semester!
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About Me

I have been an Assistant Professor at Colgate since the fall of 2012. Before that I was a Computing Innovation Fellow at Cornell University, working with Johannes Gehrke. I completed my PhD at UMass Amherst in 2010 where my advisors were Gerome Miklau and David Jensen.

My research explores new technologies for privacy-preserving data analysis. The goal is to build software that provides rigorous privacy protection but at the same time allows researchers to analyze the data and discover aggregate trends. More broadly my interests include data management, data mining, social networks, and privacy. See my publications for more information.


  • Spring 2017 CORE109S: In Data We Trust?
  • Spring 2017 COSC480: Data Science
  • Fall 2016 FSEM125: In Data We Trust?
  • Fall 2016 COSC460: Databases
  • (on leave for 2015-2016)
  • Spring 2015 COSC101: Intro to Computing I
  • Fall 2014 COSC101: Intro to Computing I
  • Fall 2014 COSC460: Databases
  • Spring 2014 COSC101: Intro to Computing I
  • Spring 2014 COSC480: Artificial Intelligence
  • Fall 2013 COSC101: Intro to Computing I
  • Spring 2013 COSC101: Intro to Computing I
  • Fall 2012 COSC101: Intro to Computing I
  • Fall 2012 COSC480: Databases