COSC 101: Tools

Any tools introduced in class will be added to this website for your reference.


The textbook for this course, How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Interactive Edition is a free, online, interactive textbook containing examples with embedded code fragments that you can run and modify.

You will need to register and connect your account to our course; contact your instructor for more information.


This course uses an online education tool called gradescope for managing assignments, including submissions, feedback, and grades. You will need a code to register; contact your instructor for information.

Python Anywhere

In lecture, we will use a browser-based platform for editing and running Python code called PythonAnywhere. This platform allows collaboration and is accessible from any computer with Internet access.

Once you create an account, make sure to adjust your account settings to nominate your instructor’s account as your Teacher.

Python Tutor

We will use Python Tutor’s VISUALIZE tool in lecture and lab. This tool allows you to step through the execution of python code and visualizes what is happening every step of the way. This is also a very useful tool for tracing code when you are working through homework problems or studying for exams. is the official website for the Python programming language.

Downloading Python

You can download Python directly from This installation includes the IDLE program which is a program that you will use to write Python programs in lab. If you are on a Mac, be sure to read the special instructions regarding installation.


The Python documentation website has loads of useful documentation. Especially useful references include the tutorial and the module index.

cImage Python Library

Several assignments will involve manipulating images and will require use of the cImage Python Library. You can download the module and find resources about it on our image page.