New Moon
by Emily Serio
Seclusion in Paradise
by Anne Lattner
Sleeping on a Boulder
by Amelie Touroyan
Jack and Rose on the Sinking Titanic by Selena Lin
Based on Edward Hopper's Nighthawks by Thu Truong
Hansel and Gretel Approaching the Witch's House by Anonymous
by Indira
by Saadia El Karfi
Love Birds
by Yavneeka Patel
by Alex Wellnitz
Hamlet and Yorik
by Allie Atsalis
My Father's Home Village
by Amy Nguyen
by Arabella Berke
Sailing by Claire Kuan
Dancer by Nina
Untitled by Ellie
Permission ? by Emma
Billy Goats Gruff by Anonymous
Pushing Into Spring
by Sophie Kanetani
Untitled by Anonymous
A Family Outing
by Anonymous
Physical plans made by students
before coding