FSEM 131
From Paintings to Pixels

Week Lecture Topic Readings Code Lab Assignment
Aug 23 First class meeting SP assessment Discovering Processing Chap 1 WM LCF
Aug 30 Intro to Processing First Program (castle in groups) Color Picture This Shape 1 Reas/Fry LCF p.72-79 Lab 0: Light-bot
Sep 6 Drawing more shapes Memory Layers How to read and why Chap 2 Chap 3 WM Lab 1
Sep 13 Vertex: LRRH work Lab 1: bonus review Abstraction discussion Matisse's Snail Variables Shape 2 Data 1 Reas/Fry Aesthetic Considerat. paper     Hw 1
Sep 20 Tech Peer review Snail Audio Variables & Data Types Declarations & Assignments Visual Thinking Strategies Bring your PLAN LCF p.80-85 Chap 4 WM Lab 2
Sep 27 Plan Robot Arithmetic, functions Loops Gradiant Bring your PLAN again... Math 1 Reas/Fry Chap 5 WM Lab 2 Part I due T Lab 2 Part II due R
Oct 3 Lab 3 Hw 1 milestone 1 due
Oct 10 Tuesday: no class Random loop SnowFlakes How to Think Like Shakespeare Scott L. Newstok snow.zip Response Paper due Boy and the World Brazilian animated film
Oct 17 Melissa Davies: art educator VTS; Discussion: movie + SP for essay Matthew Smith: Library ArtStor Chap 7 WM Hw 1 milestone 2 due Monday Hw 1 due Thursday
Oct 25 Repetition & scope local vs. global variables while Read to the end WM paper.zip twoLoops loopInClass Lab 4
Nov 8 Conditional practice: LRB Advising + sketch Global Coherence Lab 5
Nov 15 Nested loop Formal Analysis w. research & compare/contrast LCF p.84-99 Lab 6