FSEM 131
Lab 1
2D Shapes

Part I, drawing and table: bring to next class (Tuesday, September, 6th)
Part II, code: due Thursday, September, 8th, 9 p.m. (on Moodle)

Part I

Based the LCF readings and the Little Red Riding Hood presentation (slides on Moodle; Picture This: Perception & Composition by Molly Bang on reserve in library) Bring both to next class so we can discuss them.

Part II

To review the lecture material refer to this tutorial on coordinate system and shapes.

Using the Processing language/environment develop the following three programs.

1. [2 pts] A sketch named japanFlag that creates an output similar to this image.

2. [4 pts] A sketch named switzerlandFlag that creates an output similar to this image.

3. [4 pts] A sketch named notAFlag that creates an output similar to the following image.
You should at least use four colours and have approximate overlapping among the centered shapes.
Hint: Pythagorean theorem may be useful!

Bonus Write a sketch for another flag.
Extra points for a difficult flag, such as Turkey, UK, Brazil, Canada and so on: the tutorial on curves will get you started on the challenge...