Computer Science 435 Computer Graphics
Spring 2016



Jan 18 M. Introduction (half day)                                                               
        U1         Intro to Graphics: WebGL Simple Programs / Intro to JavaScript
Date Lesson Readings Hw Lab
Jan 19 T Intro to CG & JavaScript             EJS: Intro-Chap 2       
Jan 20 W #1: 2D composition #1 Warm-up
Jan 21 R Graphics context, triangles IGS: Chap 1
EJS: Chap 3
Jan 26 T WebGL: sample programs TUT: WebGL How does it work
EJS: Chap 4 & 5   
Jan 27 W    TXT: Chap 1 #1 bring sketch to lab #2 WebGL shader
Jan 28 R Changing color: uniform vs. attribute #1 due 02/01 Complete the gradient shapes

      U2         WebGL 2D Transformations / JavaScript functions
Date Lesson Readings Hw Lab
Feb 2 T 2D translation/rotation    Points and Lines                                        
TUT: WebGL 2D Translation   
IGS: Transforms
Feb 3 W                IGS: Blender App   #3 Modeling in Blender
Feb 4 R William Kentridge: : Universal Archive TXT: Chap 2.1 to 2.5 (included) Kentridge reflection post Create a bird in Blender for next lab  

Feb  9 T Homogenous coord. & matrices TUT: WebGL 2D Rotation Look at the code                              
TUT: WebGL 2D Scale   #2: three.js
Feb 10 W                #4 Transformations  
Feb 11 R Transformation codes TUT: WebGL 2D Matrices      
JS high-level functions and objects TBS: 2D Matrices in Fragment Shader

       U3         Hierarchical Modeling / Lighting  / Three.js  / JavaScript objects
Date Lesson Readings/Demo Hw Lab
Feb 16 T Hierarchical Transformations                  Single Joint Model
Feb 17 W                                                           Cantanese talk: Golden auditorium
Feb 18 R P. Cantanese: 107 Little Hall      Artist statement/videos                 #2 due 02/19 at 5:00 P.M.

Feb 23 T Lighting: indirect & direct illumination TXT: Chap 6.1 to 6.3 (included)                      
Feb 24 W                          No homework, exam week            #5 Tangrams
Feb 25 R Exam I: JS and transformations

Feb 23 T Ambient, diffuse and specular components                                                  
Feb 24 W                                              #3: Hierarchical scene           #6 game structure
Mar 3 R Phong Ligthing Model TXT: Chap 6                            

Mar  8 T Scene Graph                      TXT: Chap 9.1 to 9.6 (included)       
Mar  9 W                                                    Light review                   #7 scene graph
Mar 10 R More math                                               Normal transformation #3 due 03/25 at 5:00 P.M!.

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