COSC 102
Intro to Computing II
Fall 2015

Week Date Assignment Out Assignment Due Date Lab
0 Thu   27 Aug   No lab  
1 Mon   31 Aug Wed   02 Sep Fri   04 Sep     A1: Guessing game*         L1: codingBat Due next lab*  
2 Mon   07 Sep Wed   09 Sep Fri   11 Sep         L2: debugging & loop  
3 Mon   14 Sep Wed   16 Sep Fri   18 Sep A2: Date class provided code EXAM I A1 due       L3: object I  
4 Mon   21 Sep Wed   23 Sep Fri   25 Sep       A3: Scrolling Game* provided code L3 due (Sunday night)   A2 due      L4: silver game     
5 Mon   28 Sep Wed   30 Sep Fri   02 Oct               L5: software company   
6 Mon   05 Oct Wed   07 Oct Fri   09 Oct           A3 due    L6: shapes provided code
7 Mon   12 Oct Wed   14 Oct Fri   16 Oct No class   EXAM II          L7: analysis worksheet   
8 Mon   19 Oct Wed   21 Oct Fri   23 Oct A4: Word Generator sample input files            L8: spell provided code
9 Mon   26 Oct Wed   28 Oct Fri   30 Oct           A4 due      L9: speed reader provided code
10 Mon   02 Nov Wed   04 Nov Fri   06 Nov A5: complexity moodle quiz A6: lab work            L10: linked list provided code
11 Mon   09 Nov Wed   11 Nov Fri   13 Nov   A7: Music* sample input files   L10 due        L11: browser navigation (stack) provided code   
12 Mon   16 Nov Wed   18 Nov Fri   20 Nov   A8: Movies* sample input files   A7 due      L12: sort visualizer provided code   
- - Mon   23 Nov Wed   25 Nov Fri   27 Nov No class: Thanksgiving Recess      
13 Mon   30 Nov Wed   02 Dec Fri   04 Dec EXAM III A9: Mini-interpreter sample input files     A8 due   Free lab  
14 Mon   07 Dec Wed   09 Dec Fri   11 Dec           A9 due   L14: BST provided code

A * beside an homework indicates that a demo is expected during the lab after the homework's deadline so as to give immediate feedback.

Labs are due the same day on Moodle by 11:55 p.m., except indicated otherwise.