COSC 102
Intro to Computing II
Spring 2015

Week Date Lecture Topic Textbook Readings Segment Focus/Quiz Other Readings
1 Mon   19-Jan Wed   21-Jan Fri   23-Jan Intro/Syllabus     9:00 102A - 11:00 102B Java Basics: main, primitive vs. ref, Scanner mastermind in Java: constant, function, scope, String   A and B.1-B.53 B.57-B.62 & B.65-B.92   B.10-B.24, B.38-B.49 B.67-B.78, B.86 & B.89-B.92
2 Mon   26-Jan Wed   28-Jan Fri   30-Jan mastermind II: actual/formal parameters, array, loop OOP intro: instance vs. class variables/methods; Random From a poor Point class: constructor(s); client code B.93-B.108 C.1-C.21 C.22-C.29 & C.34-C.35 B.93 & review last week ST 1-15 ST 16-18   E1: From Python to Java      until Objects and Interfaces
3 Mon   02-Feb Wed   04-Feb Fri   06-Feb Defining good classes: Point Parameter passing: primitive vs reference Review: class template; summary; exercises Review App C  D.1-D.3 and P.1-P.9 D.4-D.14 & D.16-D.25 Do its Self-Tests (ST) D: ST 1-5 and P: ST 1-2 D: ST 6-? E2: Classes and Object      from How to think like a Computer Scientist E1: Defining Classes section
4 Mon   09-Feb Wed   11-Feb Fri   13-Feb Exam 1 OOP: Time class; inheritance intro Inheritance: Employee hierarchy (base/derived/super)     D.1-D.25 & P.1-P.9   constructor    class/object D: ST 1-12   inheritance     O1: inheritance
5 Mon   16-Feb Wed   18-Feb Fri   20-Feb Inheritance: abstract; interface intro Interface: Shape; Rectangle;Circle;Triangle Composition: GameEntry/ScoreBoard Prelude & I1: Generics Ch1: Bag Ch2: 2.1-2.18 Pre: ST 1-11; I1: ST 1-4 Ch1: ST 1-8 Ch2: ST 1-8   Keep It DRY, Shy, and Tell the Other Guy        by Andy Hunt & Dave Thomas  
6 Mon   23-Feb Wed   25-Feb Fri   27-Feb   Composition II: Generics & ArrayList Data Structure: List ADT & Vector implementation Ensuring capacity: increment vs. doubling Bag vs. Vector/ArrayList Review I1 & Ch2: 2.19-2.44 I2: Exceptions Ch4: 4.1-4.16 I1: ST 1-4; Ch2: ST 9-16 Ch2: ST 17-22 Ch4: ST 1-4          
7 Mon   02-Mar Wed   04-Mar Fri   06-Mar Algorithm Analysis: running time; best, worst cases Review: OOP; Vector, generics & complexity Exam 2  Ch4: 4.17-4.27     Ch4: ST 5-15            
8 Mon   09-Mar Wed   11-Mar Fri   13-Mar General purpose structure: Association Dynamic Allocation: LinkedBag Linked List: Node (self-referential), inner class, add D: D.1-D.19 Ch3: 3.1-3.30     Ch3: ST 1-14   File Input Techniques   Exception Handling & Assertion
-- Mon   16-Mar Wed   18-Mar Fri   20-Mar   No class: SPRING Break                       
9 Mon   23-Mar Wed   25-Mar Fri   27-Mar Linked List: with tail, operation costs on 1st vs. last Linked List: double & circular Linked List: implementation with an Iterator Ch12 & Ch14 I5: Iterator Ch5 Ch12: 1-5 & Ch14: 1-5, 12, 16, 18-23 I5: ST 1-7 Ch5: ST 1-8 Generics Installing Eclipse Sections 1 & 2      
10 Mon   30-Mar Wed   01-Apr Fri   03-Apr Stack and Queue: ADT Stack and Queue: implementation Stack Application: program stack; binary Ch6 & Ch15: 1-17 & 22-30 Ch10 Ch19 Ch6: ST 1-9 & Ch15: ST 1-6 Ch10: ST 1-5 Ch19: ST 1-6          
11 Mon   06-Apr Wed   08-Apr Fri   10-Apr Postfix/prefix; circular queue Not linear or not ordered: BST & Dictionnary   Exam 3  Ch21 review until Ch14   Ch21: ST 5-7              
12 Mon   13-Apr Wed   15-Apr Fri   17-Apr Hashmap Implementation: Oxford dic ex Hash functions: hashcode & compression Class cancelled  Ch8 & Ch9 (for lab)     Ch8: ST 1 & 2 Ch9: ST 1 & 3            
13 Mon   20-Apr Wed   22-Apr Fri   24-Apr Hashset & Hashmap: Java API SET forms/collision: open addressing alternative Tree: intro Ch21 Ch22   Ch21: ST 5-9 Ch22: ST 1-3   DS: Hash Table        
14 Mon   27-Apr Wed   29-Apr Fri   01-May Binary Tree: in/pre/post-order traversals Binary Search Tree  BST: remove & balancing. Heap Ch23 (traverse/BST/heap) Ch24: 1-3 & 5-43 Ch25 Ch23: ST 1-19 Ch24: ST 3-7 Ch25: ST 2-11   DS: BST      
Mon   04-May Tue   05-May   COSC 102 A Final Exam    noon to 2:00 p.m. COSC 102 B Final Exam     9:00 to 11:00 a.m.