Computer Science 290

Spring, 2009
Colgate University

Instructor:     Chris Nevison
Text:              Kolman, Busby, Ross,  Discrete Mathematical Structures, 6th ed.

Class:             MW,         2:45-4:00 pm,   329 McGregory
Labs:              Weds,      11:15-1:15 pm,   329 McGregory

This course covers topic in discrete mathematics that are frequently used in computer science.  These topics not only form the basis for later courses in theory, but also can provide insight useful in most computer science courses.  Topics to be covered include basic logic, sets, relations, functions, order relations, partially ordered sets, semigroups, formal languages and finite state machines.

Labs are an integral part of the course.  They count significantly into the grade and, more important, are the best means for learning much of the material in the course.  Students are required to attend lab.  Lab assignments are due the week following at the next lab;  there will be a grade penalty for late labs.

There will be on-line quizzes throughout the course.  This are intended to help you keep up with the reading and to identify topics where you need to get more help.

Grading for COSC 290:
     mid-term                    20%
                    final                            35%
                    labs                            30%
                    quizzes & class           15%

There is also a separate grade for the lab.

Course Schedule