COSC 201: Computer Organization

Lab 7X: Extra Credit -- Pipeline processor

           Understand how a pipeline processor can be built
Extend the work from lab 7 to create a pipeline processor
Read chapter four from the text
Files to Use
           Your completed lab 7 datapath.circ
What to Hand In
Completed pipeline1.circ and pipeline2.circ

1. Starting with your completed datapath from lab 7 create a pipeline with branch circuits as in the original simple pipeline. Make the layout correspond to the pipeline diagrams from class, with each section clearly stacked and pipe-registers between. Save as pipeline1.circ

2. Modify pipeline1.circ to add accelerated branch as discussed in class. Save as pipeline2.circ.

Extra credit: 10 points for pipeline1.circ and 10 points for pipeline2.circ. Circuits must be perfect -- no partial credit for either.