COSC 201: Computer Organization

Homework 4: Control for MIPS instructions

The control lines for a single-cycle MIPS CPU, as described in the book, are as follows: RegDst, Branch, Jump, MemRead, MemToReg, ALUOp (2 bits), MemWrite, ALUSrc, RegWrite.

In addition, there are four bits of control into the ALU (from the ALU-control circuit). The low order two bits control the ALU output as follows:
00 - and, 01 - or, 10 - add, 11 - slt. The third bit selects inputs not-B and carry-in of 1. The fourth, high order, bit selects not-A input.

Fill out the table for the control lines for the given instructions from the file controls.pdf or controls.doc and email in your results, with your initials added to the filename.