COSC 201: Computer Organization

Homework 4: Control for ARMv8 instructions

The control lines for a single-cycle ARMv8 CPU, as described in the book, are as follows: Unconditional Branch, Conditional Branch, MemToReg, MemRead, MemWrite, ALUSrc, ALUOp (2 bits), RegWrite, Reg2Loc.

In addition, there are four bits of control into the ALU (from the ALU-control circuit). The low order two bits control the ALU output as follows:
00 - and, 01 - or, 10 - add, 11 - pass through B value. The third bit selects inputs not-B and carry-in of 1 (to implement subtract). The fourth, high order, bit selects not-A input (along with the third bit, this allows implementation of nor).

Fill out the table for the control lines for the given instructions from the file controls.pdf or controls.docx and email in your results, with your initials added to the filename.