COSC 122
Fall, 2011


The course description contains details about the topics of this course and the organization of the course, including grading.

This syllabus presents the weekly topics and assignments. The details of the syllabus and adjustments will be filled in as the course proceeds.

The assignments are due on the day they are listed and the quizzes should be done online before the class for which they are listed. Quizzes are on Moodle.

Course Schedule

date                topic                                                                   reading                  assignment/quiz

Aug    29        Introductions, Course Preview
          31        Unit 1 Introduction. Files. Images: cropping and resizing, composition       Handout on file typesHandout on cropping
          31        Lab 1: Introduction to Photoshop Elements,                            
                                 cropping and resizing images

Sept     5       Processing graphical images                                                   Handout on images and pixels
                      files, images, pixels              
            7       Light and Color                                                                      Handout on color representations, Handout on Controlling color
                                                                                                                  Quiz 1 due on files, images, pixels, cropping, resizing
            7        Lab 2: Adjusting light and color                      

          12        Light and Color, Camera raw                                                 Camera Raw                       
          14        Fixing problems, Layers                                                         Handout on Layers, Handout on Correcting problems
                                                                                                                  Quiz 2 due on color representations and controls
          14         Lab 3: Fixing problems 

          19         Layers in Photoshop Elements                                                                                     
          21         Discussion of working with faces and portraits
          21         Lab 4: Project

          26         Exam on Image Processing and Photoshop Elements.            Sample exam   
          28         Class and Lab: Finish individual photoshop projects

Oct      3         Introduction to Alice                        LPA, chapter 1, Appendix A tutorial           Quiz 3 due before class
            5         Coordinates and perspectives in 3-D
            5         Lab 5: Introduction to the Alice 3-D Editor           

          10        Fall Break
          12        NO Class

          17         Writing story-boards for a scenario  LPA, chapter 2  
                       A first program                                LPA, chapter 2  
          19         Control Structures                            LPA, chapter 3                  Quiz 4 due before class, covers chapter 2
                                                                           Ch3-slides-1, Ch3-slides-2, Ch3-slides-3, Ch3-slides-4, Ch3-Examples
          19         Lab 6: A First Program

          24         Using methods to encapsulate           LPA, chapter 4.3, 4.2
          26         More on methods, Inheritance          LPA, chapter 4                   Quiz 5 due before class, covers chapter 3 and 4
          26         Lab 7: Greeting Card Project 1

         31         Interactive programming                   LPA, chapter 5
Nov    2         Conditionals and functions                LPA, chapter 6                       Quiz 6 due before class, covers chapter 5
           2         Lab: Complete Greeting Card Project

           7         Conditionals and loops                     LPA, chapters 6 & 7
           9         Loops and lists                                 LPA, chapters 7 &9                Quiz 7 due before class, covers chapter 6 & 7  
           9         Lab 8: Event exercises                

         14         Lists                                                 LPA, chapter 9                
         16         List examples and Project groups formed                                         Quiz 8 due before class, covers chapter 9
         16         Lab 9: Bumper cars                         

         21         NO Class
         23         Thanksgiving

        28          Scenario and Story-board for game project developed in class     Final Project,  Final project standards 
        30          Class and Lab: Project work

Dec    5        Class: Project presentations
          7        Class and Lab: Project presentations                    

                   Final Exam: Thursday, Dec 15, 12-2 in 317 McGregory