COSC 122
Spring, 2015

Course Description

This course has three parts. The first part introduces you to image processing using software such as photoshop elements. The emphasis will be on learning to use the tool to enhance photographs while also learning some of the fundamental ideas involved with computer images, such as color spaces, files types, etc. The scond and the third parts of the course use the programming system Alice to introduce three dimensional graphical animations, and the programming needed to create them. The second part focuses on the basics of Alice and basic program control structures. The third part focuses on interactive event-driven programs. The heart of the course is the sequence of labs, ending with a final group project.


The lab grade is determined by the lab grades only.

The course grade is determined as follows:

midterm exam (on part 1)           17%

final exam (on parts 2 and 3)      30%

quizzes (online)                          15%

unit 1 project                                3%

final project                                  5%

labs                                            30%