Lab 9: Bumper Cars

Ths lab is based on exercise 6 at the end of chapter 7. However, you will extend the exercise to use lists and create an interactive version.

1. In class we write a Story-board and pseudo-code for the bumper car exercise. Be sure to give the bumper cars appropriate methods and functions

The description also calls for button to push (click) to start the animation.

2. Write code for the bumper car exercise as defined by your pseudo-code. Use the world BumperListStart.a2w. The bumperCar object already has the folowing things defined:

3. Make the game interactive by designating one car that the user controls. The user can make the car turn right or left (experiment with the amount) by pressing the arrow keys.


4. Extra credit. Enhancements that make variations in the simulation consistent with the idea of bumper cars.

Hand in: both your animation version and your interactive version.


grading standards