Lab 5: Introduction to Alice 3-D Editor

The purpose of this lab is to learn how to use the editor in Alice to create scenes. We will not do any programming, but we will use the editing tools and methods to place objects into appropriate positions.

Prerequisite: You should have read chapter 1 of Learning to Program with Alice and completed the Appendix A tutorials.
Warm-ups: (get these checked before you go on to do the final two parts): Do exercises 1 and 3 from chapter 1.

Part 1: Create a tea party for Alice and the White Rabbit, as described in exercise 4. However, you should manipulate the objects so that Alice and the rabbit are sitting in chairs at opposite ends of the table, each holding a mug of tea. Here is a partially done image, with Alice sitting. The rabbit still needs to be seated and moved closer to the table.

tes party

You may add other objects if you want. Save the world frequently as you work and when you are done. Name it XXTeaParty, where XX are your initials.(Hint: you can manipulate the subparts of Alice and the rabbit using the editor controls. You can also right click on a subpart to use its methods, such as turn and roll. These may be useful. As you experiment, take note of where the "center" of the parts are, based on how the methods move them.)

Part 2: Complete exercise 6. Be sure to set the World Properties as indicated. Add four or more of the objects suggested and add two or more objects of your own choosing. Arrange the objects to make an interesting or mysterious scene. Move the objects around and resize, tilt, or otherwise arrange using the controls in the upper right panel. Name it XXUnderwater, where XX are your initials.

You should get your warm-ups checked in lab before you go on to parts 1 and 2.
Hand-in your two files for parts 1 and 2, using the instructors USB memory stick.                  Grading standards