Greeting Card Project

For this project you will specify, design and implement an electronic greeting card. The subject of the greeting card is entirely up to you. However, good taste is important and poor taste such as violence or explicitly sexual material will lose points from the creativity category or may simply be rejected. (Something romantic and a bit suggestive is OK, I am not a prude.) The project has three phases: defining the project, e.g. a scenario; design, e.g. story-board and pseudo-code; implementation, the actual Alice implementation.

1. Provide a description of the electronic greeting card, similar to other scenarios that we have worked with.

2. Develop a story-board for you project and refine it to step-by-step instructions (pseudo-code). The story should include interaction between two or more objects, actions by sub-parts of objects, repetitive and conditional actions, and some actions that take place simultaneously.

3. Implement your project in Alice.

Your project should have some components that involves repetition and conditional action and use the appropriate control structure. Your project should also encapsulate some part of the action in a separate method from the first method, which is then called from the first method (an example will be provided in class).

You should prepare your scenario before class. You may also want to do your story-board before class. You will need to get parts 1 and 2 checked before you start on the implementation.


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