Image Processing Project


The purpose of this project is for you to demonstrate the use of Photoshop Elements with three of your own photographs. These should be

  1. An outdoor scene, which you should enhance while keeping realism. You can combine two images to get your final result if you want.
  2. Either a shot of people or a person, trying to make them look good OR a close-up of something like a flower, rocks, a part of a building, with emphasis on the graphic image -- interplay of curves, lines, or shapes, and color.
  3. A photo of your choosing to demonstrate how you can use effects in P.E. to create an artistic image, not necessarily keeping realism.

You should have these images saved on a USB memory stick to bring to class. You will have both the class and lab to work on your project. If you do not have your own, you may select from some of my photos.

You should record each step that you take, including numerical levels of the settings you use, to go from your original photo to the final image for each of the three examples.

Hand in: original and final images and record of changes made for each of the three examples. You may hand in an intermediate image if it helps explain your process. Save your images and write-up in a folder with your name or initials to hand in.