Possible Debate Topics

The last two classes will be devoted to debates on important topics involving voting technology.

Each debate will have two teams of two or three people each. Each team will first present for 10-15 minutes supporting their side of the debate (Power-point slides may be used for this presentation). Then each side may take turns questioning points presented by the other side for about 5 minutes each. Finally, each side will have about 3 minutes to conclude.

1. Each state should require that a registered voter present a government issued photo ID in order to vote.

2. Internet voting should be used for overseas absentee voters including both the military and other citizens overseas. This would include an opportunity to register via the internet and a system for casting your vote via the internet.

3. The supreme court should find that the gerrymander in Wisconsin that is challenged in Gill v Whitford is extreme and cannot stand. District lines must be redrawn.

3. A voter-verified physical audittrail should be required for any Federal election. (A VVPAT means there is a paper or other physical record of each vote that the voter can check while voting and is then securely stored.)

4. The federal government should mandate appropriate requirements for voting equipment standards (based on studies by NIST, the National Institute for Standards and Technology) for federal elections (President, Senators, House of Representatives), rather than producing voluntary guidelines as is now the case.