Here are the debate teams.

Friday, May 4: 1. Each state should require that a registered voter present a government issued photo ID in order to vote.

for: Hugh Baxter, Wheeler Young, Kyan Brumfield    

against: Delany Sheiern, Molly Adelman, Morgan Scott, Emily Clarke   

Weds - Fri, May 2-4: 2. Internet voting should be used for overseas absentee voters including both the military and other citizens overseas. This would include an opportunity to register via the internet and a system for casting your vote via the internet.

for: Grant Breneman, Tre Caine, Barney Amor

against: Malik Twyman, Cole Bligh, Trevor Thompson

Wednesday, May 2: (first) 3. The supreme court should find that the gerrymander in Wisconsin that is challenged in Gill v Whitford is extreme and cannot stand. District lines must be redrawn.

for: Noah Bernstein, Lexi Walsh, Luke Myers

against: Malachi Jones, Ben Becker, Josie Cook

Format: 8 minute opening statement, 4 minute rebuttal, second 3 minute rebuttal, 5 minute closing for each team. The "for" team starts and we alternate until the end when "against" team does their closing first. Pauses of 1 minute or so before each rebuttal to prep.

Rebuttals can include questioning statements made in the other teams presentation, with facts to support, of course.

Opening and closing can be accompanied by powerpoint slides (bring on a usb memory stick).