Articles on Voting technology and its problems

The variety of voting equipment used in the U.S. -- find out what your local area uses.
The Variety of Voting equipment
Verified Voting -- site with map of all eqipment used in the U.S.

Example of voting machine attacks -- man in the middle -- by Argonne National Labs

Diebold (PES) problems
Problems with Premiers Election Systems (Diebold) Gems 1.20.2 system
Problems with Premiers Election Systems (Diebold) Gems 1.18.19 system in 2008

California Top-to-Bottom analysis of voting equipment (2007).
Especially look at the reports From the Unviersity of California on Source Code, Red Team, and Documentation for different systems. Read the summaries of findings near the beginnings of these reports. This is a good example of the types of problems found when a thorough analysis is done. What would a similar analysis find now??

Here is information on equipment that is currently in use, but has significant problems -- should it still be certified??
EAC Investigation of DS200 Precinct CountOptical Scanner (ES&S)
Article on DS200 report

Has Voting machine integrity inproved (Oct, 2011)

Recent problem (2011) with DRE machines with no VVPAT in New Jersey


More advanced systems include voter receipts with a "hash code" for verification. Here is a problem and a solution for this approach.
The Trash Attack article
Trash Attack paper