Topics for Group Presentations

The purpose of each group presentation is to analyze the risks and benefits of a specific policy or technology for voting. A discussion of how to assess risks and how they can be limited is discussed in chapter 8 of Alvarez and Hall. The following links may also be helpful.

Link to 2003 report for state of Maryland on risk assessment for Diebold E-Votronics DRE.

Link toarticle on call for information from EAC

Link to paper by Common Cause and Verified Voting on risk of electronic voting

Link to list of articles about electronic voting from recent years


The following are topics that groups can choose. Other topics must be cleared with the instructor.

Use of state and federal databases to verify eligibility of voters when the register, or to "purge" registration lists.

Use of registration on election day.

Use of early voting (opportunities to cast votes at polling places before election day)

Use of no-excuse absentee voting (any registered voter can get an absentee ballot and submit it)

Use of hand-counted paper ballots

Use of optical scan ballots, central count

Use of optical scan ballots, precinct count

Use of DREs with no paper trail

Use of DREs with paper trail

(note: for the last four, you can focus on one maufacturer if you want -- but consideration should be given to equipment that has been used recently (last four years) or will be used in the future.)