Core 139, Spring, 2014

The course description contains details about the topics of this course and the organization of the course, including grading.

This syllabus presents the weekly topics and assignments. The details of the syllabus and adjustments will be filled in as the course proceeds.

The assignments are due on the day they are listed and the quizzes should be done online before the class for which they are listed. Quizzes are on Blackboard.

The readings refere by author to the following books:

Chaotic Elections, Donald Saari
Deliver the Vote, Tracy Campbell
Voting Technology, Herrnson, Niemi, Hanmer, Bederson, Conrad, Traugott
Electronic Elections, Michael Alvarez and Thad Hall
The Voting Wars, Hasen

Other readings will be given as handouts or links to web pages.     

Course Schedule

date                topic                                   reading                                       assignment/quiz

Jan    20         Get syllabus and first assignment                                           Voting tech and eligibility assignment 1
         22         Overview of voting technology and registration issues            Voting technology sources
                                                                                                                  Voter eligibility and registration sources

         27         Weighted voting                                                                    solution to Nassau County problem due
         29         Banzhaf index of power         Banzhaf-1
                     apply to methods developed in class

Feb     3         Lab on weighted voting         Banzhaf-2                 lab1   
           5         Lab continued                                                                        Quiz 1 on Banzhaf readings due                         

         10         Electoral College, fair?          Saari pp 1-16   
         12         Third candidates,                  Saari pp 17-27                          
                      Voting methods overview 

         17         Arrow's theorem                  Saari pp 27-31                           Quiz 2 on voting methods due                    
         19         Analysis of voting methods   Saari pp 33-45       

         24           Analysis of voting methods   Saari pp 45-68                           Quiz 3 on Arrow's theorem due                              
         26           Other methods                     Saari, ch 3      

Mar    3          Lab on voting methods -- constructing a profile                        lab 2
          5           Strategic voting                     Saari, ch. 4, Sections 1-4

         10           What voters want?               Saari, ch. 5            sample exam      Quiz 4 on strategic voting and solutions (Saari, ch 4 and 5)                 
         12           Exam     

15-23             Spring Break   

        24          No Class                           Read Deliver the Vote, Introduction and Part 1
        26          Voting history in the U.S.    Deliver the Vote, Part 2                  Quiz 5 on Deliver the Vote part 1 due   

        31          The 2000 election debacle     Read Deliver the Vote, Part 3       Quiz 6 on Deliver the Vote part 2 due   
                                                                   Read TheVotingWars, ch 1                  Voting technology paper assignment
                                                               Voting technology sources,   articles on voting technology,  articles on voting problems 2008, Internet Voting issues            
Apr   2          Voting Machines - issues and problems                                        Quiz 7 on Florida, 2000

         7          Voter Registration - issues and problems  Read TheVotingWars, Ch2. 2-7               Topic and Sources due for paper
         9          Criticisms of electronic voting                    Read Alvarez and Hall, Ch 1-3, Ch 6       Quiz 8 on Hasen 

       14          Voter eligibility and registration                  Read Alvarez and Hall, Ch 4-7                   Debate selection       
       16          Assessing different systems                        Read Alvarez and Hall, Ch 8  

       21         Cryptography and secure voting  scantegrity-1  scantegrity-2  scantegrity-3-how verification works   Josh Benaloh

       28        Debate presentations                   Debate links: Cal Voting fraud VVPAT-for VVPAT-against
                                                                                           VoterID-against InternetVoting-against
       30        Debate presentations                                                                               Voting technology paper due

Final Exam -- Tuesday, May 6, 3:00-5:00         Sample final