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Computer Science Department
Colgate University
McGregory Hall, 3rd Floor
13 Oak Drive
Hamilton, NY 13346
(tel) 315.228.7719
(fax) 315.228.7009


Elodie Fourquet
Assistant Professor.
BS Bishop's University 2002; PhD University of Waterloo 2013
With the department since 2014.
  • Office: 309 McGregory Hall
  • Phone: 315-228-6033
  • Email:
  • Specialties: Computer graphics, user interfaces, systems
  • Interests: Computer graphics, picture perception, user interaction
  • Homepage:

Courses taught: Intro to Computing I, Intro to Computing II, Computer Graphics

Michael Hay
Assistant Professor (on leave 2015-16).
A.B. (1998), Dartmouth College; M.S. (2007), Ph.D. (2010), University of Massachusetts at Amherst
With the department since 2012.

Courses taught: Intro to Computing I, Artificial Intelligence, Database Management Systems

Philip Mulry
BS Fairfield University, 1972; MA SUNY Fredonia, 1976; MA, PhD SUNY Buffalo, 1978, 1980
  • Office: 305 McGregory Hall
  • Phone: 315-228-7588
  • Email:
  • Specialties: Discrete structures, theory of computation, programming language semantics, formal methods, object oriented programming
  • Interests: Computation theory and programming language semantics, category theory
  • Homepage:

Courses taught: Contemporary Issues in Computer Science, Discrete Structures, Theory of Computing, Advanced Theory

Chris Nevison
BA Dartmouth College, 1967; BA Lincoln College, Oxford University, 1969; MS, PhD Stanford University, 1970, 1974
  • Office: 304 McGregory Hall
  • Phone: 315-228-7589
  • Email:
  • Specialties: Probability and statistics, mathematical economics, game theory, discrete mathematics, simulation, analysis of algorithms, parallel computing
  • Interests: Mathematical models in the social sciences, computer simulation, parallel computing
  • Homepage:

Courses taught: Computer Graphics and Animation, Computer Organization and Architecture, Principles of Design for Large Systems

Vijay Ramachandran
Associate Professor and Chair.
A.B. (2000) in Mathematics, Princeton University. M.S. (2001), M.Phil (2003), Ph.D. (2005) in Computer Science, Yale University
With the department since 2007.
  • Office: 308 McGregory Hall
  • Phone: 315-228-7780
  • Email:
  • Specialties: Algorithms, theoretical computer science, economics and computation, computer networking
  • Interests: Algorithmic foundations of the Internet, specifically applied to: routing protocols; design and analysis of network management and configuration methods
  • Homepage:

Courses taught: Intro to Computing I, Economic Reasoning and Computational Design, Technology and Disruption

Joel Sommers
Associate Professor (off-campus group Spring 2016).
PhD University of Wisconsin, 2007
With the department since 2007.
  • Office: 306 McGregory Hall
  • Phone: 315-228-7587
  • Email:
  • Specialties: Networking, Operating Systems
  • Interests: Network measurement and management, performance analysis, network and router architecture, web technologies, simulation techniques
  • Homepage:

Courses taught: Intro to Computing I, Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Software Engineering for the Cloud


Valerie Cucura
Systems Administrator and Lab Instructor.
  • Office: 317 McGregory Hall
  • Phone: 315-228-6546
  • Email:

Courses taught: Intro to Computing I

Charlotte Jablonski
Department Administrative Assistant.
  • Office: 209A McGregory Hall
  • Phone: 315-228-7719
  • Email:
Matt Lyboult
Lab Instructor.
  • Office: McGregory 318
  • Phone: 315-228-7564
  • Email:

Courses taught: Intro to Computing I