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    Join us for our next department tea! We will have two speakers, Farah Fouladi '15 and Sam Daulton '15. Each will speak about their final project from Professor Ay's course on Modeling of Biological Systems.

    Lunch will be served following the talks.

    Title: Predicting Cancer using Mutual Information-based Gene Association Networks
    Speaker: Sam Daulton '15
    Abstract: Machine-learning algorithms can be used on gene expression data as an alternative to traditional clinical methods for diagnosing cancer and determining a patient’s prognosis. A standardized, accurate approach to classifying and diagnosing colon cancer does not exist. Little is known about molecular alterations associated with the heterogeneity of the disease, and no molecular marker has been validated for clinical practice as a diagnostic or prognostic parameter. We propose a novel supervised classification algorithm, the NBC-A method, for predicting cancer from gene expression data with greater accuracy and for identifying genetic biomarkers. NBC-A improves the NBC method developed by Ay et al. in 2014 by constructing gene association networks using mutual information as the statistical metric instead of Pearson correlation. We expect NBC-A to produce transcriptional networks that are more indicative of the underlying biological pathways of colorectal cancer, leading to discovery of new biomarkers. NBC-A yields higher classification accuracies than many traditional classifiers including Support Vector Machine (SVM), k-Nearest Neighbors (kNN), and Naïve Bayes (NB) on the tested colon cancer dataset. In addition, NBC-A outperforms all other methods tested (NBC, SVM, kNN, NB, and Random Forest (RF)) on a lung cancer dataset.

    Title: TBD
    Speaker: Farah Fouladi '15
    Abstract: TBD

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    Join us for our next department tea! Our speaker will be our very own Chris Nevison who will talk about some new features in Java for parallel computing.

    Lunch will be served following the talk.

    Title: Parallel Computing in Java
    Speaker: Chris Nevison, Professor of Computer Science

    Over the past few years Java has added a number of new tools for concurrent and parallel programming. With multi-core chips in most computers today, these tools are easy to use. In this talk I will describe some of these new tools and demonstrate their use.

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