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    For our department tea on October 6, we are happy to have Mike Komosinski '11 join us as our speaker. Lunch will be provided.

    Title: Coding after Colgate
    Speaker: Mike Komosinski ‘11, Google
    Most of us plan on working as a software developer after graduation. Some of us have had internships to better prepare us for that day. But what is the job actually like, and what does it mean to code as part of a team? Mike Komosinski ‘11, front-end software engineer at Google and previously engineer at Amplify Education, will join us to talk about the abbreviated wisdoms he’s gained in four years on the job. He’ll answer questions like “what do you do in a typical day?”, “what do you wish you knew earlier?”, and “can you get me a job at Google??”. Refreshments, cool swag, and a rant about git will also be provided!

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    Ethics in computer science relates to how professionals within the discipline should make decisions and conduct themselves. The main professional society within computer science, the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), has a Code of Ethics that members are expected to abide by, which includes principles such as avoiding harm to others and respecting the privacy of others (see for the full list). These principles, while useful, may not provide obvious answers when confronted with questions such as how much testing is enough when life-critical software is concerned, or the obligations of software developers concerning security and/or privacy breaches, or what ethical decisions should be encoded in software itself.

    Join us for our next tea in which we'll have a discussion on ethics in the computing profession. Lunch will be provided.

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