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These role-plays are in zip files. Each file contains an explanation and/or scripts for the role-play and Java code that the role-play demonstrates. You will need the objectdraw library for some of these.

Elevator system role-play
This role play uses the objectdraw library from William's College. However, it could easily be adapted to another context that has graphical objects, such as BlueJ. This is a role-play that can be used early in a course.

Swap role-play for parameters
This role-play is designed to help the participants and observers understand how object parameters are references that are passed by value. There are two versions, one that uses the objectdraw library from William's College, the other uses BlueJ.

Broccoli role-play for recursion
This role-play again uses the objectdraw library but could be adapted. It is based on the broccoli example from the recursion chapter of the book Java, An Eventful Approach, by Bruce, Danyluk, and Murtaugh.

Marine Biology Simulation role-play
This role play was developed by Steve Andianoff and David Levine at St. Bonaventure University (see link below). It is useful to demonstrate the relationships among the objects in the MBS case study program. It can be used before any case study code is examined to help students understand the parts of the case study code.

David Levine's Role-play page
David has a discussion of using role-plays and several useful examples at this site.

Four role-plays in one zip
The above four role plays in a single zip file.