Maze Case Study

Chris Nevison, Barbara Wells


This case study uses a maze to provide motivation for topics from early in the first course through the second data structures course. Several topics of introductory computing using an object-oriented paradigm are covered within one framework. The narrative is currently in three documents: Parts 1, 2, and 3 anre in a Word document, Part 4 is done in html format, and parts 5, 6, and 7 will be in a yet to be compoleted word document. The code for the examples are placed in the appropriately labeled zip files. This code should be used as a starting point for the programming exercises given in the text.

The code uses several files that provide the structure and are placed in the mazebb package in the mazebb.jar file. This file should be made accessible for your system, as would any package stored in a jar file. The writeup discusses the classes provided, including test code for working with these classes.

All the code made available here is distributed under the GNU license. Some of the code is derived from code used in the Advanced Placement Computer Science Marine Biology Simulation case study, which is also distributed under the GNU license.

mazebb.jar - this is the library file for this case study - javadocs documentation for the library files

MazecasestudyParts123.rtf - the first three parts of this case study - code for the tests in part 1 - code examples for parts 2 and 3, should be used as starting point for exercises - the html pages for part 4 - code examples for part 4, should be used as starting point for exercises

MazecasestudyParts56.rtf - parts 5 and 6, recursive and iterative solutions - code examples for part 5, should be used as starting point for exercises - code examples for part 6, should be used as starting point for exercises