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The purpose of this web page is to provide materials for the use of high school AP Computer Science teachers, and links to other useful pages. These materials may also be useful for college teachers teaching introductory computer science..

The best source for official AP Computer Science information is the College Board. Links to important College Board sites are given under the College Board heading on the menu. For some of these links you will need to be registered and logged in to APCentral, the College Board web page for AP teachers. These links will then take you directly to the relevant page. Included here are links for signing on to the APCS listserv and for applying to become an APCS exam reader.

The College and High School Links go to web pages maintained by college or high school teachers that have information and materials useful for the AP Computer Science program.

The Java Materials page has materials that have been I have developed, usually in collaboration with others, for teaching Java at the introductory level. Many of these materials have been presented in workshops that I have done for high school AP Computer Science teachers, others have been developed for my own courses. This page also has links to other pages where important Java materials can be obtained.

The Exam Questions link contains an archive of free response questions and solutions from previous AP exams, starting in 2000. An archive for exam questions before that time can be found at Mark Stehlik's web page, under College Links.

The Workshops link provides information on workshops that Chris Nevison will be involvede with and also has a link to the College Board site with workshop information.

The C++ Materials page contains the materials that I have had available for use in the AP Computer Science course taught using C++. The 2002-3 academic year is the last year that C++ will be used in the AP CS course. Java will be used starting in 2003-4.

This web page is maintained by Chris Nevison, Chief Reader for AP Computer Science 1999-2004. E-mail:

Last updated December, 2003.